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Gag Grouper and Mangrove Snapper from offshore NaplesEven with the cool weather of late, we still manage to get some nice Gag Grouper and Mangrove Snapper. When fishing for gags you must be aware that what works one day can be non-productive the next. That was exactly the case on Saturday here in Naples Florida. During our deep sea fishing trip we went to several known gag and snapper hangouts with little success. Even with nice live pinfish and shrimp the fish were a little reluctant to feed. Only after dropping down a three ounce yellow bucktail jig on 12 pound line did we get some decent action. When the first fish was hooked on the jig it was like somebody ringing the dinner bell. The other fish all got fired up because the one hooked fish was running all over the bottom trying to shed the jig. The other fish then started feeding and we were able to finally get a nice mixed bag of fish. Those tactic change-ups are the benefit of our 30 plus years experience fishing here in Naples and Marco Island.