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Fishing Charter Customers, Naples FLThe cool waters around Naples Florida continue to present challenges for deep sea as well as back country anglers. Our offshore charters are now targeting mangrove snapper and gag grouper along with amberjack and goliath grouper. We have found the best way to be successful catching mangrove snappers is think small. Light line, small hooks and little baits will more consistently produce good catches than the more traditional tackle. Sometimes we have to drop down to line as light as 6 pound test and #1/0 hooks. You will lose some of the bigger fish but the action is unbelievable. Often times in the middle of the snapper bite, big gags will move in and join the feeding frenzy. The weather is warming up into the 80s today and that should keep our offshore catches consistent. The weather in Naples this time of year is great and deep sea fishing charters are equally enjoyable.