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Fishing Charter Customer with FishThe recent cold weather here in Naples has finally given way to the more traditional, balmy 70 and 80 degree and bright sunny days. While normal fishing in the ocean and back country have been affected with the cold waters we had an offshore surprise recently that was a surprise. Big schools of amberjacks in the 40 pound class were observed on several of the spots we often fish. Only a few days ago these fish were not present but they are here now and very hungry. Using live pinfish and also white, bucktail jigs we have been able to boat several nice fish lately. Amberjack, unlike grouper and snapper, are free swimmers and may be found anywhere from the bottom all the way to the surface feeding. They are extremely powerful fish and give anglers a tussle few will ever forget. Back country fishing in the south Florida area remains tough but offshore fishing is getting better each day as the water begins to warm.