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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Buy Diazepam 2Mg Online Uk

Grouper Fishing in 80 Feet of WaterA cold front that passed Naples on Sunday had a cooling effect of the area but did little to slow down the fishing on our charters this week. Grouper fishing remained very good for sportfishing charters traveling offshore to 80 feet deep. Gag and red grouper continued to be caught on live bait and thread herring. We expect things to continue getting better as spring begins to come to southwest Florida. Fishing charters departing Port of Call marina all cite increased activity by the fish recently.

Buy Ambien 10Mg

Red Grouper Fishing in NaplesThe warm southerly breezes the last few days in Naples, Florida have warmed the Gulf of Mexico waters. The warming of the water has made the fish go a feeding frenzy not unlike what we experience in the summer months in southwest Florida. The Alabama went out 30 miles yesterday to catch amberjack and cobia but caught a limit of Red Grouper before even fishing for the amberjacks. Fishing was red hot for the grouper using lots of chum and live pinfish for bait. We normally rig for grouper using a 5’6″ boat rod, 332-5.1 Newell reel, 4 ounce egg sinkers and 50 pound monofilament but yesterday we also used smaller bait casting reels and 30 pound line and allowed the baits to free swim to the bottom. The fish went crazy for the free swimming baits and we limited out before lunch. The clients then decided to go back to plan”A” and go try for the AJs which we did. Most of our live bait was used up for the grouper bite but we did save a few that were used to boat several nice AJs up to 40 pounds. These fish were all released to fight another day. The wind is still from the south and should continue to warm the waters and keep grouper fishing red hot.

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Cobia Fishing, Naples, FLNow that we are firmly set in our winter fishing patterns catches have begun to improve greatly. When the waters of the Gulf of Mexico around Naples and all of southwest Florida get as cool as they are now catching fish becomes a challenge. Our boat has been fishing reefs, ledges, wrecks and bottom with high relief to catch gag grouper and mangrove snapper. This week we began catching quite a few amberjacks and cobia as well. Using live bait always catches more baits and combining live bait with light tackle brings in big surprises sometimes. Recently while floating live thread herrings back to mangrove snappers cobia and amberjack began taking the baits as fast as the snapper. The only problem is when you hook a 40 pound AJ or cobia on 20 pound line it takes nearly an hour to boat the fish. Go to heavier tackle and the snapper want bite. It is a dilemma we are currently facing but is not one we are complaining about. The fishing will keep improving in Naples until at least May 15th.