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Charter fishing for SnapperLike clockwork, as Grouper season winds down in Naples, Mangrove Snapper fishing has taken off. Fishing charters going out the last few days have come back with nice limits of mangroves up to seven pounds. We have found the best way to catch snappers is to fish light lines with jigs tipped with shrimp. Allow the jigs to slowly fall to the bottom and then gently retrieve the baits back toward the surface and then let them free fall again. Keep this process up until you feel a bite. You should also keep an eye on your slack line during the drop and if you see a twitch in the line, strike. Most likely a mangrove has inhaled your bait and is heading home. We practice this style of fishing during the winter months and our deep sea fishing charter parties are extremely successful. Light line, slow movements and fresh bait are keys to catching mangrove snappers in cold waters during the winter months.