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Kids FishingWe get asked all the time, what age should children be to go on a deep sea fishing charter? The answer is there is no age limit. We normally take children of all ages but have found those about six and older can really have fun fishing and are able to catch fish. Our offshore charters will go into the Gulf of Mexico from 2 -40 miles depending on a host of conditions. We try our best to stay away from rough waters but that can’t always be avoided. For those times when the weather becomes poor our customers are happy to know that our boats come with an enclosed cabin and comfortable seating. The sides on our boats are high to prevent falling overboard, especially the little ones. When you go on a fishing charter out of Naples with us, rest assured our boats have been inspected annually by the U.S. Coast Guard to assure as much safety as possible in the open ocean. With all of our safety features and creature comforts, parents should feel at ease when fishing offshore with their children. Kids have fun fishing with us and are some of our best customers.