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Monthly Archives: February 2010

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Snapper on the Reefs, Naples FLFishing charters out of Naples, Florida continue to find great success offshore. Our charters have been catching large numbers of Mangrove snapper while fishing in 40 feet of water over reefs and wrecks. Shellie Davis of Jeannette, PA was recently on a fishing charter with us and her party caught several gag grouper, all of which were released, along with a nice stringer of mangrove snapper. The repeated cold fronts are causing us to miss out fishing on some days, due to high winds, but on the days we do get out fishing and catching is fantastic due to the water being cloudy due to the winds. We will keep getting nice catches the rest of this month and king mackerel will soon begin to show. Fishing will keep getting better all the way through May.

Buy Ambien 10Mg

20100210-014Mangrove snapper fishing remains very good for our fishing charters going out on full and 1/2 day charters. We are catching lots of mangroves using live shrimp on light lines, with small hooks or white bucktail jigs. Captain Kriag has consistently produced limits and near limits of nice snapper for the last ten days. Sportfishing charters going out from Naples can expect to fish in about 35 feet of water 10 miles offshore and about 85 feet of water 35 miles offshore right now. On full day fishing charters we are also catching amberjack and cobia. Spring is in the air and fishing will continue very good right through the Easter holiday.

Mangrove snapper are feeding like crazy right now. On our most recent fishing charter into the Gulf of Mexico our clients all limited out on mangrove snapper. After limiting out they continued fishing and caught several more which were released. We also caught nine gag grouper that ranged between 10 and 18 pounds that were also released. King Mackerel have now begun to migrate north and are offshore of Naples in very large numbers. We caught a few yesterday and within two weeks anglers fishing with us with be catching large numbers of these fish as well as the grouper and snapper. Fishing charters departing from Naples can continue to expect very good fishing on both full and 1/2 day charters. See for yourself why well feel late winter and early spring are some of the best times to go on a fishing charter in Naples, Florida.

Soma 350 Mg Street Value

Captain Curt Dafcik with 2 Grouper, Naples FL.Offshore fishing charters in Naples remains very good and is especially hot today, as this front passes through southwest Florida. Ledge fishing remains very good using live shrimp to catch gag grouper and mangrove snapper.

Thirty five miles offshore on some of the wrecks cobia can be caught using live pinfish or artificial plugs. The front that is passing by over super bowl weekend will give us a day off before regrouping on Monday.

We expect deep sea fishing to remain extremely good right through the spring.