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Fishing Charter Customers in Naples FL

Capt. Allen,

I wanted to say what a great time our family had with our fishing trip. Jim and Capt Jeff were great. Our family felt comfortable and well educated on our trip. The guys worked hard. We went home with way more fish than we had thought possible. Here are some of the photos taken of our trip. Look forward to doing it again.

Thanks Again,
John, Cheri, Courtney & Danielle Seidenschmidt
Pleasant NC 28124

Buy Ambien 10Mg

Snapper fishing in Naples FL

Snapper fishing in Naples FL

Fishing remains very good on our Soma 350 Mg Street Value. The Grouper are biting very good and Mangove Snapper fishing has remained very solid all year. The king mackerel were very late arriving in Naples this season but the bite has been very good for the last couple of weeks. We are taking kings up to 30 pounds using Drone or Buy Zolpidem Atbor flat lining live baits back to the schools of fish. Buy Diazepam Powder China as the permit and red grouper become more active.

Buy Discount Xanax Online

Kids Fishing in Naples FLEven the kids are enjoying the great charter fishing that has going on the past few weeks. As many folks are coming to Naples, Florida for their spring break or Easter vacation the kids have been catching their share! All of our fishing charters are “child friendly”, departing from the Port of Call Marina here in Naples. As of late we’ve seen outstanding catches of grouper, snapper, king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, cobia and sharks. The king mackerel are so abundant that we are catching limits while grouper fishing over reefs. The deep sea fishing should stay extremely good for the next month or more. We expect the permit to show up this week on the offshore ledges and wrecks.