Fishing The Gulf w/GPS

Permit fishing in NaplesDeep sea fishing charters in Naples are successful for those that prepare before venturing into the Gulf of Mexico. To be successful anglers need two things in addition to rods, reels, bait and tackle. They need a good Global Positioning System (GPS) and a fathometer or fish finder. The GPS will allow you to return to locations that have been previously located. You can also use your fathometer to locate likely looking fishing spots and utilize the GPS to record the location for future use. Once you have determined a likely looking location you should utilize your GPS to anchor and position your boat in the correct position so that your bait and chum will fall down to the fish. If your baits fall down tide from the fishing area fish seldom able able to locate it. We utilize our equipment so we can make certain every effort is made to assure our sportfishing deep sea fishing charters are as productive as productive.

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