New Naples Fishing Patterns Established

Cobia Fishing, Naples, FLNow that we are firmly set in our winter fishing patterns catches have begun to improve greatly. When the waters of the Gulf of Mexico around Naples and all of southwest Florida get as cool as they are now catching fish becomes a challenge. Our boat has been fishing reefs, ledges, wrecks and bottom with high relief to catch gag grouper and mangrove snapper. This week we began catching quite a few amberjacks and cobia as well. Using live bait always catches more baits and combining live bait with light tackle brings in big surprises sometimes. Recently while floating live thread herrings back to mangrove snappers cobia and amberjack began taking the baits as fast as the snapper. The only problem is when you hook a 40 pound AJ or cobia on 20 pound line it takes nearly an hour to boat the fish. Go to heavier tackle and the snapper want bite. It is a dilemma we are currently facing but is not one we are complaining about. The fishing will keep improving in Naples until at least May 15th.

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